Pants on Fire

Everyone lies even though everyone knows you shouldn’t. So why do we lie and how can we stop this and have healthier minds and relationships? Learn the Science of Lying in the next video

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You VS Kidney disease

Kidney disease is a harmful illness that can kill a person. Some underestimate this and regretted it at the end. Here are 15 foods that can prevent kidney diseases

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Getting a Few Doctors Notes

I‘ve got to talk about my hike on a trail the other day. Me and my husband, Stan, decided to go out and see some nature. We both have been gaining weight like crazy, and I thought it would be a great idea for us to take some time and walk. I love the nature and he likes to walk, so it works out for the both of us. I had just gotten off of work and it was 2 p.m. in the afternoon, and it was his day off of work, so it was perfect timing. We both got into the car, and went to the park that was a few miles away. I was very excited about the pending trip. I even made sure to bring water and a couple snacks, in case we were out there too long.

I don’t need to be reminded of the irony about eating while trying to lose weight! We both took off up the trail, and shortly after, we came to a rocky area. It was fine when we walked over the rocks, even though it did cut through the trail a few feet. We were determined to get to the end of the trail, which was closer to the top part of the hill we were on. I looked over to the right, and I saw where the rocks had come from, they had rolled downhill from a rocky terrain. Stupid me, I decided it would be cool to climb on the rocks, and to get a little extra exercise, then climb back down, and finish the trail. I guess nobody told me that big girls shouldn’t climb, but gravity did!

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I tumbled down those rocks like a tumbleweed in the wind! Not only did my pride hurt like hell, I also sprained my ankle very badly. How funny do you think it was for my husband, who was already over-sized, to be helping an over-sized woman down the trail? Fortunately, we didn’t see anyone on the way, so the embarrassment was just between the two of us. I immediately thought about my job; I have to stand on my feet all day, and it’s going to be impossible with a sprained ankle, even with crutches. I automatically thought, I’m going to have to go to the doctor, and I’m going to need a note.

When we got back to the car, he drove me straight to the doctor’s office, since there were walk-in appointments, and it was only 4 p.m. by then. I was glad when the doctor saw me fairly quickly after arriving, but I was not happy about the diagnosis. I let them know that my job included standing most of the day, and what would be the results if I chose to go to work. The doctor frowned at me and said, “unless you can do it standing on crutches, it’s not going to work out.” I was shocked, that would mean that I would have to miss up to six weeks of work, on a sprained ankle, and have no income during this time.

I was about to tell him, that if I was going to miss work, I would need a few doctors notes, but he was already writing it, before I even finished speaking. I took the prescription, as well as the doctor’s note and we left towards home. I know that I can’t lose my job because I have an excuse for my doctor, and an obviously swollen, sprained ankle, but the loss of income is going to be a blow to the both of us. All I know is, next time I decide to walk, I’m going to keep me and my big bones, on the trail!

I am really thankful for Fake Doctor Note. It had really saved me from the troubles I was about to face that time. I’ve learned a lot from this experience and I’ve shared this to my readers not to encourage them to falsify their absence but to solve their problems from unreasonable employers.  You can also check out:

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Getting the Right Doctor for a Doctor’s note

Locating and make use of the name of a specific doctor on a printable doctors note means that if your workplace or school calls the medical practice or hospital they can confirm if there is a such a Doctor there. Although doctors will not discuss the details of health care, a number of them do come to the phone to deny or confirm a note. It is, therefore, vital to think about this as you proceed. If you need a doctors note for school, look around the net a bit.

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Undoubtedly, among the best methods, one can succeed with a doctors excuse for work is to keep it as straightforward as possible. Instead of utilizing an excuse like a broken arm bone or a very serious sickness, one of the best ways to have it the medical form written is to cover some kind of medical testing. A good example to this is the doctor’s excuse investigation published for these purposes.

A serious disease like acute hypertension or cancer though may lead your employer to probe the form further and possibly call the doctor or hospital to confirm out of mere concern if for nothing else. Medical testing is an excellent way to proceed since the employer is not likely to ask about the test outcome or even let the matter stay too long on their mind.

At the same time, creating false compassion at the work could be exceedingly disadvantageous to your career in the long haul. This is the reason keeping it uncomplicated with issues like a medical test is much more effective, realistic and overall safer. Get more info on a dr note template here.

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Get Access to Powerful Medical Excuses

If you are feeling exhausted and tired due to the constant grind of work or school, you may have thought about taking some time off. On the other hand, you feel stuck; if you skip school, you can get in trouble or even suspended; if you skip out on work, you run the potential risk of getting fired.One loophole you can consider is getting a medical excuse to take off time work or school. You may wonder about how this is possible, when you are not actually sick. Rather than going to your actual doctor for a medical excuse note, purchase a nearly unlimited set of templates, examples and excuses that you can use to take a leave of absence from your current situation. The right fake doctors note (Ie: ej-tools) can help you convince your school or boss that you need time off for a while.Purchasing well thought up excuses puts you at an advantage over making an excuse up yourself or looking for free excuses online. The right fake doctors note needs to sound medically legitimate and look like it was written by a real Dr. When you want to find the right fake medical excuse, get it from the right source. Get access to well-written excuses sounding like they come from real family physicians, ENT’s, gastroenterologists, infectious disease specialists, radiologists, hospital workers and more! Find some of the best excuses that let people know that you should stay away from them for a while, lest you risk posing a threat to either yourself or others. Trust the best to help you come up with a superior fake doctors note that you can use to get out of difficult circumstances that you currently face. One site we really like is

These excuses are especially useful if you have a big test coming up in school that you are looking to avoid, if you have a tight deadline at work, if you are afraid to go to school because of a bully looking to beat you up, or if you are trying to avoid that uncomfortable meeting with the boss. With the right medical excuse, you can delay your personal situation by several days or even weeks. Purchase a wide array of powerful templates and excuses that can help you get out of, or at least delay, nearly any sticky situation that you currently have in your life. Your solution is right around the corner.

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See this all natural remedy.

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Prostate Cancer

Know the facts about prostate cancer.

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Here is the Science behind Cancre Treatments

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Here is a great plant that can build your bones and nervous system

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Good Source of Food in the wild

When camping in the wild it helps when you know where3 to find food.

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